FILTER’S mobile boiler system is an ultra-modern module aimed to function in all customer-specified locations (with room for transport and positioning of the form factor) at optimum output by delivering thermal energy (hot water or steam). The container shell is primarily comprised of a steam generator, water and fuel tanks, a water treatment plant and other essential supplementary components.

Small boiler demand is usually fulfilled by one module, but more modules may be used to increase the capacity.

This specialized design is ideally suited for customers across a variety of industries who need steam/hot water for their processes and would like to address issues such as back-up for their existing installation, need deliverables at remote spots or eliminate the idea of having a rigid standalone system in totality.

Each boiler house is individually tested at production site before supplied for on-site operation.

Image: Actual illustration of a containerized boiler plant in operation on-site


  • No investment cost
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Portable


Parameter Unit Value
Net heat output kW 150-4000
Equivalent steam output kg/h Up to 8000
Working pressure (max) bar.g 10-12
Maximum individual dimensions (L x W x H) mm 8433 x 3450 x 3300
Net weight tons 5-15


Each container boiler house is supplied fully assembled and ready for operation with the option for customization:

  • Optional heat source:
    • Steam generator
    • Steam boiler
    • Hot water boiler
  • Water treatment system (water can be made available if required)
  • Fuel tank (fuel can be made available if required)
  • Control and automation system
  • Container


  • Drag and Drop: This option is best utilized when you are looking to completely outsource the CAPEX and OPEX and focus on the production. We shall take care of transportation of the plant, arranging fuel and delivering the necessary output to the end facility.
  • Functional System Rent: This option works out well if you have the fuel and water resources at the location itself. We will fundamentally transport the plant, make connections to your resources and deliver the necessary output to the end facility.
  • Minimized Hire: This option is suited when you are unsure of your resource availability onsite. We can augment the needs in real-time for smooth running of the plant enabling you to pay minimalistic ally. We will manage plant transportation, resource connections, buffer supply and requisite output to your establishment.


An availability contract is aimed at dealing with uncertainties of varied natures 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. It secures your cash flow in the longer run by bolstering your revenue and profitability.

  • Block: This always assures you the required MW capacity so that you don’t have to run around and strike deals on the spot.
  • Use: You will be billed exactly for the usage of the portable facility and the necessary resources making you monitor the effectiveness in real-time.


  • Round the clock service: We ensure that your business is always up and running with zero down-time thereby making your LCOE calculations more accurate and reliable over time.
  • Spare part availability: In the event of need for replacements, we can reach out to the spot in the shortest amount of time because of an already robust localization network in place.
  • One call helpdesk: Our personnel are well equipped to dispense consultation services before hiring the system, throughout the employment of the setup and after-feedback through a hotline whenever you feel the need to scale-up your engineering output.