FILTER offers high-quality heat and steam-based boilers to meet the needs of a wide range of clients starting from district heating, food industry, paper and pulp industry, timber industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and many more.

We design, install and commission universally applicable boilers (together with burners), with size and configurations tailored to fit each customer’s requirements. This fundamentally translates to turn-key boiler house solutions where we start off with feasibility till on-site operation of the boiler facilty.

Key highlights of our boiler plant engineering are:

  • high energy savings
  • efficiency
  • reliability and
  • reduced life cycle cost
Fuel Usage
Natural Gas, LNG, Biogas, Light and Heavy Oils, Shale Oil, Solid and Liquid Biofuels
Heat Exchange
Steam Boiler Up to 50 tons/hour
Water Boiler Up to 38 MW
Thermal Oil Boiler  

Boiler plant is a complete system comprised of several products. We are equipped to support you with all possible ecosystem products/services surrounding it.

FILTER companies until this day has implemented 220 oil and gas-based boiler projects (+1100 MW) and 16 biofuel fired boiler houses.