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DynaSand filter is based on a bed of sand which simulates the natural water cleaning process. It was first introduced in 1980 and gained popularity since. Today, more than 15 000 DynaSand units are in operation throughout the world. The DynaSand unit is a continuously operating sand filter, witch availability is maximized by eliminating the need to take the unit out of service for back-washing.

DynaSand improves the process:

  • No first filtrate. Always clean effluent

  • No shock loads on the wash water treatment system.

  • Handels high suspended solids without need for pretreatment.

  • Low head loss.

  • Low energy consumption.

  • Low supervision and maintenance costs.

DynaSand simplifies the system:

  • No need for backwash pumps.

  • No wash water storage tanks.

  • No water collecting tanks.

  • No automatic valves.

  • No air scour blower.

  • No clogging filter bottom nozzles.

  • Singel media filter bed.