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All over the world thousands of ASCO NUCOMATICS hydro and pneumatic systems have found use. ASCO NUCOMATICS produces over 5 000 different types of standard and over 30 000 custom solenoid valves for different fluids and gas. Valves are designed to tolerate pressure up to 150 bar and to work in temperature from -196C to +300C. ASCO NUCOMATICS produces full range of standard and custom pneumatic system components where pneumatic and electronical technologies are combined in order to achieve a wide range of control devices witch able to regulate pressure, flow rate, implementation of power, speed and positioning during the production process.



Standard solenoid valves:

  • General purpose valves

  • Proportional valves

  • Anti-water hammer valves

  • Hot water valves

  • Dust collector pulse valves

  • Pilot valves

  • NAMUR pad mount valves

  • Fuel dispensing valves

  • Flammable fluids and gas valves

  • Vacuum valves

Products for pneumatic systems:

  • Pneumatic acuators-linear, rotable and slides

  • Pneumatic proportional valves and positioning cylinders

  • Air operated valves and spool valves Solenoid air operated poppet valves

  • Fiel bus systems

  • Micropneumatics

  • Mechanical and manual operated valves

  • Air service equipment (filters, regulators, lubricators)

  • Pneumatic accessories

  • Vacuum handling equipment

  • Turn key systems and cabinets